Have you ever seen a TV show were you felt too close to the characters? There’s always that special feeling when seeing a new show for the first time ever, knowing yourself that this show has been around for several years now, you have now been able to dodge any spoilers and it’s time for you to watch it.

I have two shows, that I completely loose myself with them. It’s like I’m part of team, of the crew, of the members, of the actors that play the show. It’s particularly quite weird, to feel this way knowing, the characters are just…characters. Their not real, or special in a certain way, but only in the little world of their show.

I come from a family where acting is big. We love the stage, basically. Anything involving acting, dancing, singing, or whatever that has to do with the stage, we’re there without question. It’s always been like that. So, I’m not sure if me being overly obsessed by two amazing series, is because I actually know about acting- No, I don’t have a career in it or know every single thing there is to know about acting, but I do certainly know when a celebrity does a good job or not- Now, I’m no expert at all, but I absolutely enjoy good acting.

Everybody has seen a bad acting from Al Pacino, or Robert DeNiro, but they’re still two of the biggest, greatest actors in this world. Even Meryl Streep has her own list of bad work. Not even the point, but now you’ll understand.

So, like I mentioned before, this two TV shows, are incredibly amazing, and I am amused at how cool their castmates actually get along. You hear stories about who hates who, or who just doesn’t get along quite well with someone in the cast. We’ve known since, for example, Charmed, Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty didn’t enjoyed each others company. That show’s from 1998. And it’s to this date, that there are many shows where actors just don’t get along.

But this two. Man, this two shows. Everybody gets along, and they actually care for their fellow castmates. Which, I personally love it. I love the fact that there are no bad energies surrounding them. Both shows, had people who we literally see them grew up in Hollywood, which to my understanding, is terrible. Starting your teenage years, or entering puberty in the public eye? Shit, that’s hard. It’s hard when your not under “surveillance” every single day of your life, let alone actually being under that spotlight.

It’s always been a dream of mine, being a celebrity. I think about many people. But, it comes with a price, I don’t know the specifics of it. Maybe you loose all of your true friends, maybe you loose your family. Maybe you loose yourself. I don’t even know how there are celebrities who know how to survive such things.

Could it be worth it, though?